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Create the most exceptional, affordable phone
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Culture Manual

Find out more about life at TextNow with our Culture Manual, a guide given out to all new (and old!) employees.

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Our Team

  • _0000_Aaron_Summerfield_1
    Aaron Design
  • _0001_Adrian_Kenny_1
    Adrian Design
  • _0007_Altaibayar_Tseveenbayar_1
    Altai Developer
  • _0004_Alysha_Voigt_1
    Alysha Product
  • Amber_Wareham_1
    Amber Developer
  • _0004_Andres_Ivanov_01
    Andres Developer
  • _0007_Anthony_Geranio_1
    Anthony Developer
  • _0005_Anurag_Maheshwari_1
    Anurag QA
  • _0008_Asad_Awadia_1
    Asad Developer
  • Asif_Ali_01
    Asif Ali Customer Care
  • Benjamin_Schiefele_01
    Benjamin Data Science
  • _0004_Bradley_Lindauer_01
    Bradley Developer
  • _0011_Brooke_Rumble_01
    Brooke Finance
  • Carolyn_MacDonald_01
    Carolyn Communications
  • _0012_Cassidy_Gentle_1
    Cassidy Development
  • _0015_Chance_Lang_01
    Chance Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0009_Chen
    Chen Data Science
  • _0013_Chris_Leavoy_1
    Chris Developer
  • _TextNow_Employees_New_SeriousPhotos_0017_Christine_Templin_1
    Christine Development
  • Chuan_Wang_1
    Chuan Developer
  • Daniel_Kennedy_01
    Daniel Customer Care
  • _0020_Darren_Hooper_1
    Darren Developer
  • _0018_Danny_Howard_1
    Danny Fulfillment
  • _0021_Dave_Giannini_1
    Dave VoIP
  • _0028_Dave_Hagedorn_1
    Dave Developer
  • _TextNow_Employees_New_SeriousPhotos_0023_David_Magnus_1
    David Developer
  • _0002_Denny_Lee_01
    Denny User Acquisition
  • _0022_Derek_Ting_1
    Derek CEO
  • Dunja_Vujovic_01
    Dunja Culture
  • Elly_Bradley_01
    Elly Recruitment
  • _0006_Eric_Wong_1
    Eric Data Science
  • _0026_Erin_Lee_1
    Erin Social Media
  • _0025_Emmanuel_dos_Santos_1
    Emmanuel Developer
  • Evan_Thor_01
    Evan Monetization
  • _0027_George_Azzopardi_1
    George Fulfillment
  • _0029_Hamza_Qureshi_1
    Hamza Developer
  • _TextNow_Employees_New.psd_0007_Helen_Poon_1
    Helen Development
  • _0031_Ian_Davidson_1
    Ian Developer
  • _0032_Ivan_Dulava_1
    Ivan QA
  • _0039_James_Murphy_01
    James Monetization
  • 0000_Jason_Lau_01
    Jason Recruitment
  • _0035_Jason_Mctaggart_1
    Jason Developer
  • _TextNow_Employees_New.psd_0005_Jelena_Todic_1
    Jelena Recruitment
  • _0037_Jesse_Koreck_1
    Jesse Design
  • _0038_Jon_Halk_1
    Jon Design
  • _0039_Joseph_Labonte_1
    Joseph QA
  • _0040_Justin_Williams_1
    Justin Developer
  • Karn_Saheb_1
    Karn Developer
  • _0049_Kaylea_Brunk_1
    Kaylea People
  • _0042_Kevin_Cogliano_1
    Kevin Social Media
  • _0043_Kevin_Denny_1
    Kevin Finance
  • _0045_Kirat_Maloka_1
    Kirat Customer Care
  • _0047_Lindsay_Gibson_1
    Lindsay COO
  • Madison_Holman_01
    Madison Social Media
  • _0049_Mala_Sankara_1
    Mala Developer
  • Marcos_Goulart_Reis_1
    Marcos Developer
  • _TextNow_Employees_New.psd_0002_Maria_Civilis_1
    Maria Developer
  • _0050_Maria_Santamaria_1
    Maria Customer Care
  • Mark_Winkler_01
    Mark Finance
  • _0005_Mark_Silva_01
    Mark Development
  • _0060_Megan_Hong_01
    Megan Monetization
  • _0053_Michael_Charland_1
    Michael Developer
  • _0055_Mohsin_Mansoor_1
    Mohsin QA
  • _0056_Nenad_Grujicic_1
    Nenad Design
  • _0058_Patrick_West_1
    Patrick Developer
  • _0069_Predrag_Stevanovic_1
    Predrag Developer
  • _0001_Quinton_Pryce_01
    Quinton Developer
  • _0059_Rahib_Zaidi_1
    Rahib QA
  • Raymond_Tai_1
    Raymond Developer
  • _0060_Ray_Barkhouse_1
    Raymond Developer
  • _0063_Richard_Tep_1
    Richard QA
  • _0062_Richard_DeVries_1
    Richard Developer
  • Robert_Robinson_01
    Robert Developer
  • _0065_Robert_Liang_1
    Robert General Counsel
  • _0089_Rob_Little_1
    Robert Developer
  • _0074_Robert_Brock_01
    Robert IT
  • _0067_Satya_Tep_1
    Satya Fulfillment
  • _0068_Scott_Henderson_1
    Scott Developer
  • _0079_Scott_Krzyzowski_01
    Scott IT
  • _0069_Sean_Butler_1
    Sean Fulfillment
  • _0085_Shawn_Bailey_1
    Shawn Developer
  • _0070_Stephen_Hyde_1
    Stephen Developer
  • _TextNow_Employees_New_SeriousPhotos_0074_Tammy_MacKinnon_1
    Tammy Customer Care
  • _0071_Tanya_Prior_1
    Tanya People
  • _TextNow_Employees_New_SeriousPhotos_0077_Tristan_Huntington_1
    Tristan Business Development
  • _TextNow_Employees_New.psd_0001_Tyler_Cooper_1
    Tyler User Acquisition
  • Valentina_Sutton_1
    Valentina Culture
  • _0075_Valeria_Kolomiets_1
    Valeria Social Media

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Statement of Commitment

TextNow is committed to fostering a welcoming, accessible, respectful and inclusive environment ensuring equal access and participation for people with disabilities. We are committed to treating people with disabilities in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence.

We believe in integration, and we are committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner and creating a barrier-free environment. We will do so by removing and preventing barriers to accessibility and by meeting our accessibility requirements under Ontario’s accessibility laws.