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Our Team

  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0000_Aaron
    Aaron Design
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0001_Ajay
    Ajay Director, Growth Engineering
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0001_Akos
    Akos Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0002_Aleksandr
    Aleksandr Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0017_Alex
    Alex Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0002_Andrei
    Andrei Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0003_Anurag
    Anurag Testing Specialist
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0006_Armando
    Armando Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0017_Bennett
    Bennett Ad Ops Manager
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0004_Carolyn
    Carolyn Communications
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0007_Cassandra
    Cassandra Customer Care
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0009_Chen
    Chen Data Scientist
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0009_Chris_L
    Chris Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0008_Chris
    Chris Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0007_Chris_O
    Chris Testing Specialist
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0009_Christian
    Christian Customer Care
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0010_Chuan
    Chuan Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0017_Clark
    Clark Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0011_Curt
    Curt Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0012_Daniel
    Daniel Customer Care
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0014_Dardeep
    Dardeep Customer Care
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0015_Darren D
    Darren CFO
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0015_Darren
    Darren Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0013_Danny
    Danny Fulfillment
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0017_Derek
    Derek CEO
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0022_Dunja
    Dunja Culture Manager
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0017_Elly
    Elly Recruitment
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0020_Eric
    Eric Head of Data Science
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0018_Erin
    Erin Social Media
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0018_Feng
    Fang Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0016_George
    George Fulfillment
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0017_Harsh
    Harsh Design
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0018_Ian
    Ian Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0026_Ivan
    Ivan Testing Specialist
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0019_Jake
    Jake Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0020_Jesse
    Jesse Design
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0017_jonathan
    Jonathan Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0021_Jon
    Jon Design
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0022_Joseph
    Joseph QA Team Lead
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0023_Justin
    Justin Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0028_Kamali
    Kamali Customer Care
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0024_Keith
    Keith Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0025_Kenneth
    Kenneth Fulfillment
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0028_Kevin C
    Kevin Social Media
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0027_Kevin_S
    Kevin Recruitment
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0026_Kevin_D
    Kevin Finance
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0030_Kirat
    Kirat Customer Care
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0044_Kris
    Kris Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0028_Liam
    Liam Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0029_Lindsay
    Lindsay COO
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0017_Luc
    Luc Recruitment
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0030_Maria
    Maria Customer Care
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0035_Michael
    Michael Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0031_Mike
    Mike Head of Development
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0032_Mohsin
    Mohsin Testing Specialist
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0033_Nick
    Nick IT
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0034_Patrick
    Pat Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0035_Rahib
    Rahib Customer Care
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0036_Richard_T
    Richard Fulfillment
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0037_Richard
    Richard Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0038_Robert_B
    Robert Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0039_Robert_R
    Robert Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0018_RobertLiang
    Robert General Counsel
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0040_Saquib
    Saquib Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0041_Satya
    Satya Fulfillment
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0042_Scott
    Scott Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0044_Sean
    Sean Fulfillment
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0019_Sean M
    Sean CTO
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0045_Shawn
    Shawn Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0046_Stephen
    Stephen Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0047_Steve
    Steve Design
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0048_Tanya
    Tanya HR
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0043_Tawny
    Tawny Customer Care
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0050_Tristan
    Tristan SVP Business Development
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0064_Tyler
    Tyler Head of User Acquisition
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0069_Valentina
    Valentina Customer Care
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0017_Valeria
    Valeria Social Media

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Statement of Commitment

TextNow is committed to fostering a welcoming, accessible, respectful and inclusive environment ensuring equal access and participation for people with disabilities. We are committed to treating people with disabilities in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence.

We believe in integration, and we are committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner and creating a barrier-free environment. We will do so by removing and preventing barriers to accessibility and by meeting our accessibility requirements under Ontario’s accessibility laws.