Our Purpose

To help people by creating new ways for them to connect
using technology, that is free or as close to free as possible.


Culture Manual

Find out more about life at TextNow with our Culture Manual, a guide given out to all new (and old!) employees.

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Our Team

  • _0000_Aaron_Summerfield_1
    Aaron Design
  • _0004_Alysha_Voigt_1
    Alysha Product
  • Amber_Wareham_1
    Amber Developer
  • _0004_Andres_Ivanov_01
    Andres Developer
  • _0007_Anthony_Geranio_1
    Anthony Product
  • _0005_Anurag_Maheshwari_1
    Anurag QA
  • _0008_Asad_Awadia_1
    Asad Developer
  • Asif_Ali_01
    Asif Ali Customer Care
  • _0004_Bradley_Lindauer_01
    Bradley Developer
  • _0011_Brooke_Rumble_01
    Brooke Finance
  • Carmen_Janke_Web_01
    Carmen Culture
  • Carolyn_MacDonald_01
    Carolyn Communications
  • _0015_Chance_Lang_01
    Chance Developer
  • TextNow_Employees_Small_0009_Chen
    Chen Data Science
  • Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 3.59.36 PM
    Chris Developer
  • _TextNow_Employees_New_SeriousPhotos_0017_Christine_Templin_1
    Christine Development
  • Chris_Downey_1
    Christopher Developer
  • Chuan_Wang_1
    Chuan Developer
  • Picture22
    Constance Data Science
  • Daniel_Kennedy_01
    Daniel Customer Care
  • _0020_Darren_Hooper_1
    Darren Developer
  • _0028_Dave_Hagedorn_1
    Dave Developer
  • _TextNow_Employees_New_SeriousPhotos_0023_David_Magnus_1
    David Developer
  • _0002_Denny_Lee_01
    Denny Growth
  • _0022_Derek_Ting_1
    Derek CEO
  • Dunja_Vujovic_01
    Dunja Culture
  • Elly_Bradley_01
    Elly Recruitment
  • _0006_Eric_Wong_1
    Eric Data Science
  • _0026_Erin_Lee_1
    Erin Social Media
  • Erin_Reed_1
    Erin Developer
  • _0025_Emmanuel_dos_Santos_1
    Emmanuel Developer
  • Emmanuel_Schmidbauer_Web_01
    Emmanuel Developer
  • Evan_Thor_01
    Evan Monetization
  • _0027_George_Azzopardi_1
    George Fulfillment
  • _0029_Hamza_Qureshi_1
    Hamza Developer
  • _0031_Ian_Davidson_1
    Ian Developer
  • Ihar_Abramovich_Web_01
    Ihar Developer
  • _0032_Ivan_Dulava_1
    Ivan QA
  • _0035_Jason_Mctaggart_1
    Jason Developer
  • Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 3.59.36 PM
    Jason Product
  • Jelena_Markovic_Web_0000_Jelena_Markovic_01
    Jelena Recruitment
  • _TextNow_Employees_New.psd_0005_Jelena_Todic_1
    Jelena Recruitment
  • _0037_Jesse_Koreck_1
    Jesse Design
  • _0038_Jon_Halk_1
    Jon Design
  • _0039_Joseph_Labonte_1
    Joseph QA
  • Julienne_Forrester_1
    Julienne Customer Care
  • _0040_Justin_Williams_1
    Justin Developer
  • Karin_Nord_Web_01
    Karin Design
  • Karn_Saheb_1
    Karn Developer
  • Picture22
    Kathy Monetization
  • _0049_Kaylea_Brunk_1
    Kaylea People
  • _0042_Kevin_Cogliano_1
    Kevin Social Media
  • _0043_Kevin_Denny_1
    Kevin Finance
  • Kevin_Gu_Web_01
    Kevin Product
  • _0045_Kirat_Maloka_1
    Kirat Customer Care
  • _0047_Lindsay_Gibson_1
    Lindsay COO
  • Madison_Holman_01
    Madison Social Media
  • _0049_Mala_Sankara_1
    Mala Developer
  • Marcos_Goulart_Reis_1
    Marcos Developer
  • _TextNow_Employees_New.psd_0002_Maria_Civilis_1
    Maria Developer
  • _0050_Maria_Santamaria_1
    Maria Customer Care
  • Mark_Winkler_01
    Mark Finance
  • _0005_Mark_Silva_01
    Mark Development
  • Mike_Grishaver_Web_0000_Mike_Grishaver_01
    Mike Product
  • _0055_Mohsin_Mansoor_1
    Mohsin QA
  • _0056_Nenad_Grujicic_1
    Nenad Design
  • Omar_Elgabry_1
    Omar Developer
  • _0058_Patrick_West_1
    Patrick Developer
  • _0069_Predrag_Stevanovic_1
    Predrag Developer
  • _0001_Quinton_Pryce_01
    Quinton Developer
  • _0059_Rahib_Zaidi_1
    Rahib QA
  • _0063_Richard_Tep_1
    Richard QA
  • _0062_Richard_DeVries_1
    Richard Developer
  • Riley_Floyd_1
    Riley Monetization
  • Robert_Robinson_01
    Robert Developer
  • _0067_Satya_Tep_1
    Satya Fulfillment
  • _0068_Scott_Henderson_1
    Scott Developer
  • _0079_Scott_Krzyzowski_01
    Scott IT
  • _0069_Sean_Butler_1
    Sean Fulfillment
  • Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 3.59.36 PM
    Severn Developer
  • _0085_Shawn_Bailey_1
    Shawn Developer
  • _0070_Stephen_Hyde_1
    Stephen Developer
  • Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 3.59.36 PM
    Sunning Developer
  • Tammy_MacKinnon_Web
    Tammy Customer Care
  • _0071_Tanya_Prior_1
    Tanya People
  • Thiago_Pilon_Web_01
    Thiago Development
  • _TextNow_Employees_New_SeriousPhotos_0077_Tristan_Huntington_1
    Tristan Product
  • _TextNow_Employees_New.psd_0001_Tyler_Cooper_1
    Tyler Growth
  • Valeria_Kolomiets_01
    Valeria Social Media
  • Vincent_Chow_1
    Vincent Monetization

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Statement of Commitment

TextNow is committed to fostering a welcoming, accessible, respectful and inclusive environment ensuring equal access and participation for people with disabilities. We are committed to treating people with disabilities in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence.

We believe in integration, and we are committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner and creating a barrier-free environment. We will do so by removing and preventing barriers to accessibility and by meeting our accessibility requirements under Ontario’s accessibility laws.